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An optional service that we offer to patients after the evaluation is an assessment of their cognitive abilities, such as the gold-standard IQ tests (WAIS & WISC).


Psycho-educational testing is not usually required for the standard ADHD accommodations in schools, however such testing is often a prerequisite before determining eligibility for specific learning disorder accommodations, for an I.E.P. and for many national or professional board certification exams & other standardized exams like the SAT.


Generally, accommodations can be used for all grade levels in schools, colleges or universities, as well as professional board exams, standardized testing, and workplace.

After the completion of each testing session, your doctor will review your results and can provide a letter to request support for accommodations or recommendations based on the findings. You will  receive a copy of your test results to take home.

If you are required to provide a more analytical analysis and written report, this can be provided as an additional service with applicable fees based on time.


Written reports of consultations and/or psychological testing can be prepared by to individually fit the needs of each patient.  Accommodation can apply to all grade levels in school, universities, and for SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, or professional credentialing tests are usually required to submit narrative reports according to specifications of the established guidelines.

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