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Step 1:  Intake Call & Registration

Before new patients are seen for their initial evaluation, prospective patients are first scheduled for a brief  intake appointment via phone call with our office staff for screening and completing registration forms.

Female Patient

Step 2: The Initial Evaluation

During initial 3-hour consultations, your clinician begins with a clinical interview. All patients are then administered a few objective assessment measures including the Brown Attention/Executive Function Rating Scales (patients will be given a copy of the report by the end of the appointment). Additionally, patients are assessed using memory & cognition sub-tests to measure short-term, working memory abilities; and lastly a screening for other possible related problems or co-occurring disorders.


By the end of the consultation, your clinician will provide some education about ADHD, answer any questions and provide you with a diagnostic impression and any  recommendations for treatment including follow-up appointments.


A brief summary report for initial consultations are provided upon request. If you are seeking a more analytical and extensive report (typically needed for accommodations), this can be provided at an additional fee and prepared within a few weeks.

We require all new patients under 18 to come with at least one parent or caregiver; for adult patients we highly encourage you to come with a close friend, family member or partner to provide additional perspective of the patient's presenting difficulties.

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