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During initial consultations, Dr. Brown begins with a patient clinical interview. We encourage new patients under 18 to come with at least one parent; for any new adult patients we encourage you to come with a spouse, family member or close friend to provide additional perspective of the patient's presenting difficulties. Dr. Brown will also conduct an assessment using the Brown Executive Function/Attention Rating Scales (patients will be given a copy of the report by the end of the appointment); additionally, patients are assessed with cognitive measures of their short-term working memory abilities; and screening for possible related problems. Near the end of the consultation, Dr. Brown will answer questions and provide his diagnostic impressions and recommendations for treatment and follow-up appointments.


Brief summary report for initial consultations are provided upon request. If you are seeking a more analytical and extensive report, typically only needed for accommodations, this is an additional fee. Please see our services on evaluations for accommodations and and written reports below.


Follow up appointments can be made for medication management with Dr. Kennedy and/or with Dr. Brown for individual psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or family sessions. Telehealth sessions can be arranged for established patients unable to visit the clinic due to distance.

For patients who do not have a primary physician able and willing to prescribe appropriate medications, we offer medication management follow-ups with Dr. Kennedy, our doctoral-trained family nurse practitioner and licensed prescriber.


Patients who do not have a primary physician able and willing to prescribe appropriate medications, our staff is committed to careful individualized medication selection and fine-tuning of dose and timing for each patient. Medication management follow-ups are available with Dr. Kennedy, our specialist family nurse practitioner and licensed prescriber. If you wish to have your established care provider prescribe your medication, Dr. Kennedy is available to collaborate on pharmacological care.


Students seeking assessments to determine eligibility for accommodations at schools, colleges or universities, or for standardized testing are usually required by the authorities to have a comprehensive psycho-educational evaluation. This requires clinical interviews, review of school records, current ability testing, and standardized achievement testing all which can all be administered by Dr. Brown.

After the completion of each test, Dr. Brown will review your test results and provide accommodation recommendations based on those results. You will also receive a copy of your test results to take home.

If you are required to provide a more analytical analysis and written report, this can be provided as an additional service.


Written reports of consultations and/or psychological testing can be prepared by Dr. Brown to fit the needs of each patient. Patients seeking accommodations at school, universities, and for SAT, ACT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT, or professional credentialing tests are usually required to submit narrative reports according to specifications of the established guidelines.


Applied Behavior analysis (ABA) can be very helpful in identifying problematic behaviors in school and/or family and to develop individualized strategies or systems to improve school, individual and family functioning.


Consultation with families and schools can be provided to develop behavior intervention plans in the school setting and/or to collaborate in the IEP or 504 process.

For children in middle or high school who struggle with social difficulties, we offer social  skills training using the PEERS model for teaching how to make and keep friends and how to deal with social conflicts.

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