Video Clips

Video Clips of Dr. Brown

Watch Dr. Brown in action in 4 video clips of a roundtable discussion about ADHD.

How Can You Tell If you Have ADHD?

What Is ADHD And What Causes It?

The Pros And Cons Of ADHD Medication

Is Medication Necessary And What Are Its Effects?

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WebMD Video

  1. ADHD and Your Child

Audio Podcasts

  1. LD (Learning Disabilities) Podcast interview with Dr. Brown
  2. ADHD Coach Laura Rolands interviews Dr. Brown
  3. Working with ADHD’s Podcast interview with Dr. Brown 
  4. Dr. Kenny Handelman interviews Dr. Brown 
  5. ADHD Talk Radio’s Tara McGillicuddy interviews Dr. Brown 
  6. WNPR’s Faith Middleton Show interview with Dr. Brown