Outside The Box by Dr. Thomas E Brown

Outside the Box: Rethinking ADD/ADHD in Children and Adults—A Practical Guide

by Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D.
American Psychiatric Publishing, 2017

Outside the Box: Rethinking ADD/ADHD in Children and Adults—A Practical Guide identifies assumptions about ADD/ADHD that demand reevaluation in light of recent research. Building upon a current, science-based foundation, the book describes in practical terms how ADHD can be recognized at various ages; how it differs from more typical brain development; how it can significantly impair those affected; and how it can safely, and in most cases effectively, be treated in children and adults.

The book extends Dr. Brown’s previous work utilizing current scientific research but also the experience and perspective of the author, a clinician who has devoted more than 35 years to studying this disorder formally and countless hours to engaging with and providing treatment for a diversity of children, teenagers, and adults with ADHD and related problems.

The book’s audience includes laypersons and the wide variety of clinicians involved in assessing, treating, and/or monitoring the care of children and adults with this disorder (e.g., pediatricians, primary care physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, and clinical social workers) and also educators, disability service providers, human resource specialists, and the adolescents and adults who seek more information about ADHD assessment and treatment for themselves or for family or friends.


Chapter 1. Basic Facts and the Central Mystery of ADHD
Chapter 2. A New Model of ADHD: Executive Function Impairments
Chapter 3. Differences Among Persons With ADHD
Chapter 4. Ways ADHD Can Impair Functioning at Various Age Levels
Chapter 5. How ADHD Impacts “Brain Googling” for Motivations
Chapter 6. How ADHD Develops, Sometimes Gets Worse, and Sometimes Improves
Chapter 7. How and Why Other Disorders Often Co-Occur With ADHD
Chapter 8. Assessing Children, Teenagers, and Adults for ADHD
Chapter 9. Emotional Dynamics in Individuals, Couples, and Families Coping With ADHD
Chapter 10. Practical Aspects of Medication Treatments for ADHD
Chapter 11. Practical Aspects of Nonmedication Interventions for ADHD
Chapter 12. Treatment Adaptations for ADHD With Various Complications

336 pages. Available in paperback and in eBook formats